"Lophophore guys" - pocket dolls.

(Felt, glass, photo. 15 cm.) Collaboration with @peyotes.mx. Thanks Rob for the inspiration and permission to use your photo. ⠀ Now I will tell you the story of powerful love in my life. Once, when I was a little girl, my mother and I went to visit and looked into a flower shop for a bouquet. While my mother was choosing, I noticed rows of tiny pots in the window. They were small, about 1 cm in diameter, and inside each was a cactus seedling, the size of a match head. I was fascinated, I pointed at them with a trembling finger and said that I really needed them. Mom bought one, the next day I opened my piggy bank and took the rest. This is how my collection began. I was the youngest member of the Moscow cactus club. And there they gave me a black and white postcard with a fantastic cactus landscape. This picture hung over my desk and I mentally walked inside it. I still dream one day to be in those places where cacti grow in the wild and hug them all! And you know, they are i